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ECG’s Support Services

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Proactive Service & Support

East Coast Global provides a number of services for our clientele, both during the assessment & selection phases and after your custom commercial coverage package has been executed.

Because ECG is focused on providing superior customer service, many of the support services we offer take place between agent and client, over the phone or in person. We encourage you to call us (603-842-5968), email us (Here) or visit our offices in Dover, NH.

Please do not hesitate to call us, with questions or concerns.  We can be reached 24/7 @ 603-842-5968.

Are you already a customer?  Thank you for choosing East Coast Global.

Services Overview

We have included the four most common processes requested of our insurance professionals on a daily basis. Along with a brief description we have included the contact info for the individual responsible for assisting your needs. PLEASE NOTE: No changes to coverage can be legally bound via email. One of our professionals will follow-up with you to confirm any requested changes.

Report a Claim

We support and guide you throughout the claims process. We ensure that you are utilizing your insurance coverage properly in the event of a claim. We will be persistent advocates for the best and most expedient resolution of your claim. We will provide continuous monitoring of claim activity and reserve development with carriers. We can assist in the development of processes and procedures to minimize the administrative burden caused by the claims process. Please Call or Email our office if you have a claim or questions regarding a claim.

Contact Tammy Fascetta to Report a Claim
  • +1 603-842-5968

Request a Policy Change

Please email or call our office if you wish to submit basic policy changes. Remember, policy changes that are transmitted via email are not legally binding, however, your representative will follow up with a telephone call to help process your changes. Basic policy changes may include: additional coverage, add or remove vehicles and/or change your contact information or mailing address. If you are unsure whether your changes will require additional paperwork or if you have any questions, use the information provided below to contact ECG, we’re here to help.

Contact Our General Inbox or Office Phone:
  • +1 603-842-5968

New Quotes/Estimates

If you are a new customer and would like a quote for your coverage needs, well that’s fantastic! Thanks for giving East Coast Global and opportunity to work with you and your organization. Our process is simple—once we make first contact, we will send you a brief questionnaire asking you describe a few things about your needs and your company. Once returned, we will shop the globe for the most suitable group of products for your needs.

Contact Eric “Rick” Fermon by Email or Phone:
  • +1 603-842-5968

Contact My Carrier

We can take care of this too! Whatever your need may be, however urgent or routine, East Coast Global Insurance was built around the idea of providing more to the client, going above and beyond and driving the relationship through proactive involvement. We are a 100% full service agency and we are eager to help in any way we can. If you would like to contact your insurance carrier, please let us know.


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